We Need to Do More to Support MSMEs

We Need to Do More to Support MSMEs

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Over 70% of all jobs created in most economies are in the Micro, small and medium enterprises category and if you consider emerging economies like Kenya, this figure jumps to over 80% according to a report by the International Trade Centre titled Promoting SME Competitiveness in Kenya.

This translates to 8 out of every 10 jobs.

In addition to job creation, MSMEs also contribute to sustainable development, in terms of contributions to economic growth, provision of public goods and services, as well as the reduction of both poverty and wealth inequality. How can we ensure that this segment of the economy survives the current pandemic and continues to drive our economy?

Back in 2008, as a small three-year-old independent advertising agency trying to grow, I nearly lost out on a major advertising project because I had approached the procurement department of one of the big corporations in Kenya to sign some documents confirming they would make payment to a specific bank account to support an invoice discounting facility I was applying for to enable me to do the project. His argument was that if I couldn’t afford to finance the project then I didn’t qualify to be a vendor for that organization. This is despite the fact that I had already won a major pitch against bigger agencies which meant I was technically capable of getting the job done.

This bias against MSME’s is just one example of the multiple barriers that small businesses in Kenya and possibly the rest of Africa face while trying to grow their businesses. As we mark this MSME day during an unprecedented time, let’s work together to develop and put forward practices and policies in our country that support the growth of more small businesses.

MSMEs not only matter but are the future of our economy.



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Showmax is Africa’s leading online subscription video-on-demand service which launched in South Africa in 2015 and in Kenya in 2016.it is owned by Africa’s most valuable broad-based multinational internet and media group quoted on the JSE.




Showmax launched in Kenya in late 2016 and needed to find a growth partner to support its ambitious growth plans in Kenya.

Our Solution:


We developed and are executing a  Go to market model that includes managing strategic partners as well as recruiting and managing growth teams involved in customer acquisition

We remain their Key partner in the Kenyan market.









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Airtel Money



AirtelMoney is the mobile money service for Bharti airtel, the Indian Conglomerate operating in 20 countries and 3rd largest mobile network operator in the world with over 438  million subscribers. In Kenya, it is the 2nd largest Telco with 23.3% market share


The challenge:


1)AirtelKenya needed to increase its  network of active mobile money agents across the country

2)It also wanted to increase the number of active mobile money users to support the increased mobile agent network in (1) above.


Our Solution:


1)We recruited, trained, and managed a team that piloted the proof of concept in a model market in Nairobi that was adopted for a national rollout in a record of 60 days. 

2)We recruited, trained, and managed a growing team of 70 resources that ran a customer acquisition program that pitched the product value to customers across Kenya for 65 days.


The result


The project doubled the number of active  mobile money agents nationally to over 22,000 in 7 months…..https://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2016/11/airtel-money-agents-doubles-to-22000_c1456423

The growth team also acquired over 82,000 new airtel money users in 65 days surpassing the target of 80,000 set by the client.

This  Marketing team at Airtel Kenya termed the campaign the most successful in the history of the brand in Kenya since its launch in 2010.


Biggest challenges faced:

1)Training for success.

2)Designing actions required to drive success…

3)Recruiting for success.

4)Monitoring and evaluation.



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