Smart Sales

Smart Sales

Smart sales is a Kenyan-based sales company working with entrepreneurs who want to grow their companies by increasing their capacity to sell.

We are a team of Go-To-Market veterans supporting our clients’ growth ambitions by developing and executing customer acquisition programs for digital products and services for tech startups as well as traditional businesses.

Do you have a startup that’s struggling to get off the ground financially? Maybe you keep on pouring time, money, and effort into it without seeing much returns. As the CEO, do you spend months attending investor meetings but have failed to secure funding, and now your burn rate is threatening to kill your startup?

What if you could make your startup revenue positive? What if you could be so profitable that you don’t even need to set up meetings with investors because they seek you out instead?What if, together, we could all join hands in creating jobs for the growing youth population?

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How Do We Help Startups Become Profitable?

Our programs are built to reduce our clients’ acquisition costs by achieving high sales on the same shilling. We do that by doing the following:

  • We immerse ourselves in your business and ecosystem to understand your value proposition and target customer.
  • We identify strategic partners that give us access to your customers consistently.
  • We combine performance marketing with Offline Customer acquisition Programs reducing the technology adoption gap thus growing our clients base of paying customers faster.
  • We recruit, train, and manage high-performance sales teams to convert prospective customers into active customers, delivering more customers per shilling and time spent on the program.

Meet our Founder, Edward Ndegwa

Our founder, Edward Ndegwa has 20 years of experience setting up at least 6 different businesses in the East African market. He believes that the growing tech small and medium enterprises culture is missing a basic fundamental ingredient: offline business growth.

“After all those years building his businesses, my mission is to help the small and medium enterprises ecosystem succeed because it would lead to exponential job creation within the African market. Every year in Kenya, 50,000 graduates are churned out of public and private universities, adding to the 2.3 million unemployed youth in the country. The amount of potential within the hearts, minds and bodies of these young people is limitless and a successful small and medium enterprises ecosystem would be able to absorb them.”   – Edward Ndegwa

But all of us need to start getting serious as entrepreneurs.

We need to build small and medium enterprises from the ground up, we need to run sales-driven businesses and not funding-driven businesses, and help our employees break the mental barriers to sales so everyone of them can sell.

Our services

Sales leadership training

We support entrepreneurs managing small and medium enterprises in Kenya to develop their sales leadership skills.This is one of the most important steps to take their businesses to the next level.

Recruiting and training sales talent

Having built expertise recruiting and training sales people, we provide support to companies seeking a specialist firm to do this on their behalf.

Managing sales projects

We have specialized in managing outsourced sales resources for leading companies in Kenya successfully. This mostly happens when companies are launching new products, expanding into new territories or running short-term sales activities like promotions.

Some Of Our Projects & Case Studies

AirtelMoney is the mobile money is 3rd largest mobile network operator in the world with over 438 million subscribers.

We recruited, trained, and managed a team that piloted the proof of concept in a model market in Nairobi that was adopted for a national roll-out in a record of 60 days.

Showmax is Africa’s leading online subscription video-on-demand service

We developed and are executing a Go to market model that includes managing strategic partners as well as recruiting and managing growth teams involved in customer acquisition




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